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At EON we carry out the implementation of all the elements that are involved in the automation of the process, such as: industrial networks, fieldbus, HMI, PLC, frequency variators, welding controls, vision cameras, traceability applications with management of databases.

From the mechanical and electrical engineering, we design the programs that will be used to control the installation, and then we carry out the commissioning. The basis for the programming are the standards of the clients, such as: VASS and Integra.

We consider very important a good communication and a close collaboration with our clients. EON is ready to face any automation challenge so you can be sure that your project will be efficient and safe. Each project is different and at EON we are prepared to offer customized solutions. The group of experts of PLC, will develop the programming corresponding to your needs:

  • Modifications to production lines
  • Development of projects in-stie
  • Cycle time optimization
  • Maintenance and expertise consult
  • HMI & Cloud information visualization
  • Applications of security to cells and work areas

Kirchhoff: This project was developed in a difficult context, with very short planning, however the level of performance was satisfactory, with the collaboration of all the departments of EON the objectives of the project were achieved, within the agreed planning.

  • Electrical Design and Assembly
  • Mechanical Design and Assembly
  • PLC Programming and commissioning of production lines

Mercedes Benz: The development of advanced programming in safety enabled the efficient release of buy-off tests. Which has allowed to strengthen the relationship of our client with whom we currently have a presence in their projects.

  • Buy-off organizatino.
  • Implementation of improvements to the PLC and HMI programs.
  • Standard revision with client and training to PLC programmers to standardize all programs
  • Review and authorization of changes in security programs

Tesla motors: EON Industrial has once again demonstrated to be at the forefront developing this innovative logistics and automated warehouse project based on Industry 4.0. The project includes the union of different systems: Conveyors and elevators, which turn it into a complex system due to the large number of variables that must be controlled.

  • Support and production training.
  • Implementation of improvements in PLC programming.
  • Implementation of improvements and mechanical adjustments.


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