Specialized Services

Industrial Machining

Production and Design of mechanical metal pieces for the industry

We offer the services of industrial precision machining, where thanks to the manufacturing process in machineries, we check that these comply with the measurements and specifications of our customers, so that the final product is presented worked under the strict standards of quality and measurement that distinguish us. We have machining in all types of materials for the industry in general. Among the machinery that we have, we can highlight: CNC Equipment, Mills, Lathes, Saw Cutter, Magnetic Drill and Benders.

We machine our pieces with the highest quality since in our workshop we have the machinery that allows machining pieces of geometric shape and suitable revolution such as grinding, turning, precision parts and special welding.


An enterprise of International Standards

Our main objective is to be your business partner through the specialty, in technology and services for the industry, in such a way that they are reflected in the productivity of your company. To achieve this, we have solid fiscal support and a specialized infrastructure to develop our projects, we have:

  • Asembly Devices.
  • Welding Devices.
  • Control Devices.
  • Structures
  • Simulations
  • Workstations.
  • Dice cutting


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