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Robotic Engineering

Experts in robotics and welding quality

We offer industrial robotics solutions, performing quality jobs on differnt robot brands such as KUKA, FANUC, ABB, YASKAWA, MOTOMAN, etc.

We optimize jobs inside cells to optimize cycle times. We handle different application technologies such as Laser Welding, Spot, MIG/MAG, TIG, Handling, Clinching, Seal, etc...

SPOT Welding: We offer the best quality when assembling your pieces. We handle renowned brands in the world such as BOSCH and WTC. We perform a correct validation of the welding by destructive tests, metallographic, ultrasound, etc. Oriented to an effective union of pieces.

MIG/MAG Welding:MIG / MAG welding: We offer a parametrization of equipment in order to achieve the best application of welding cords in your assembly, with the established quality. We handle recognized welding equipment with a large market in the industry, such as Lincoln and Fronius

Seal application: The accuracy must be exact and we are qualified for this work. The famous teaching will be a great determinant so that the work is always of quality. Our specialists offer optimal jobs to achieve a top quality application.

PALETTING: With great versatility we can find the best distribution and displacement solution for your products and / or materials through automation with a robotic arm. We make optimal times for your production lines.
We will provide you with the validation and correct optimization of your cycle times. We make more efficient the technologies used in the cell.


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