Let's return greatness to the field that gives us life!

The technification of the field allows farmers to produce more crops through systems that make the most out of the resources, whether they are fertilizers, seeds, time, labor, even fuel with the improvement of the distribution of the furrows in the fields which can be of multiple forms.

The greatest savings are obtained from the water dosage. Water is one of the most valuable resources, if not the most, which we try to optimize in order to combat the scarcity of the vital liquid. For this, the systems in which we apply the control and automation systems are those that have as a principle the greatest benefit of water without wasting it.


The development of efficient systems is a task that occupies us in the area of ​​agriculture, that way we can obtain the maximum benefit of the industry's work in the primary food production sector. 

The different solutions have been developed through experience, science and technology allowing those at the forefront to be at the peak of the production of their choice.

Mexico has fallen behind in the development and application of new technologies, in fact most of the national production of culture is carried out by the technique of the storm, and very few by any kind of irrigation.


Our professionals in control and automation systems have the experience to develop, create, implement, and follow up on the project you require for your technified agriculture, which will provide you with greater production with fewer resources and better quality crops compared to the systems of temporary and irrigations.
Currently, controlled irrigation systems are the ones that give the best results. Highlighting those that are inside greenhouses, because the environment is controllable. Another of the highlights is the NFT hydroponic system that supplies plants with nutrients directly from the water through the root. In this system risks from the earth are prevented, since inert substrates are used that do not spread diseases.

The control systems take us to the precision agro-industry in the use of guided systems and UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. With them we can have an aerial view of plants that use large tracts of land such as corn. The aerial view taken full advantage is used in the images that prove:

  • Water stress
  • Healthness levels
  • Colorophile levels
  • Greenness
  • Stage and/or planting size


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